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DEFCON 22, 2014 – Cheesy Science Fiction

DEFCON 22 was the first year of our contest.  Teams had to script, shoot, edit and submit a short cheesy science fiction film in 48 hours, in the middle of DEFCON.  Seven teams entered and four teams submitted  final films.  William Eubank (director, ‘The Signal’, ‘Love’) and Brian Knappenberger (director, ‘We are Legion’ and ‘The Internet’s Own Boy’) were celebrity guest judges and contributed to the judging of the entries.  Brian Knappenberger was kind enough to announce the first winner of the T.D. Francis X-Hour Film Contest at the DEFCON 22 closing ceremony (via video pre-recorded before he had to hope in a cab for the airport). 

Director Brian Knappenberger Announces the 2014 Winner

2014 Winner – Team Uber Lab’s

“Invasion of The Bboonians”

Runners Up

2014 Entry – Team Torchwood’s
They Live – The Documentary
Directed by Stephen F.
Team Torchwood is:  Dan S., Adam K., Megan M., Alex R., Stephen F.

2014 Entry – Team Tentative 3+2’s
Cosmic Burrito
Directed by Debra Balke
Team Tentative 3+2 is:  Heather Balke, Calvin Balke, Debra Balke, Sally McFarlane, Alex Balke

2014 Entry – Team Too Smart Guy’s
Team Too Smart Guy’s is:  DrPwnsu, Pox, Lunin, Gator_Byte, Nick