Eight teams entered this year’s contest.  Four teams completed and submitted the films they had made during DEFCON 23.  Each team had no shortage of creativity, talent, skill, and enthusiasm.  All film entries were screened between features at Saturday’s DEFCON Movie Night.  Each team came up on stage to be introduced and to answer questions about their films from the audience.  They all received enthusiastic applause and encouragement from the very appreciative audience.  After the screening, the judges had their work cut out for them.  At the beginning of Sunday’s DEFCON closing ceremony, the 8000 attendees got to see each film.  And then the winner was announced:

The T.D. Francis X-Hour Film Contest @DEFCON 23 winner:  

Team Lake State Studio’s “The 23rd Badge”

This year films had to be between 3 and 5 minutes long. The mandatory genre was Film Noir.  There were also two mandatory Monkey Wrenches that had to be included in each film:  
1) A prop – DEFCON 23 Human Badge  
2) A lines or two of dialogue taken from actual text messages written by one of the organizers.  Each team drew a unique text message.


2015 Runner Up
Team Paradox Club
“Vegas Does Hitler”
2015 Runner Up
Team UberLab
“Post Noir”
2015 Runner Up
Team Irrelevant