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DEF CON 27, Paris, Bally’s & Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, Nevada  – August 8-11, 2019


  • The T.D. Francis X-Hour Film Contest is a filmmaking contest sponsored by DEF CON
  • While at DEF CON, Teams compete to create the best film they can in 59 hours (6am Thurs – 5pm Sat)  They must write, shoot, edit, produce a 4-8 minute film while attending DEF CON 27.
  • Format is similar to the common “48 hour film” contest type. PG-13 since kids might see them.
  • Teams are allowed to film onsite within the DEF CON convention area, but they must wear contest t-shirts.
  • Each team gets 5 awesome contest t-shirts with their reg packet.
  • Teams are given the final rules, genre, details, and monkey wrenches when they pick up their team reg packets at DEF CON.
  • Use a smart phone, a digital camera, high end prosumer thousand dollar camera, whatever equipment you want.


  • Anyone and everyone attending DEF CON 27 who registers a team or joins one.
  • Each team can have between 1 – 5 crew members (director, producer, writer, editor, camera man) and as many talent/actors/extras/cast members you want


  • During DEF CON 27, August 8-11, 2019.
  • Starts: Thursday morning August 8 Entry 
  • The contest starts as soon as a team leader physically checks in, or registers, picks up their team packet, and receives the final kick off briefing.
  • Films must be finished and turned in NLT 6pm on Saturday August 10th 
  • All Entries Premiered Saturday Evening, August 10, in Planet Hollywood’s Melrose 4 Ballroom.
  • Finalists entries will be screened to 4,000 plus audience at DEF CON 27 Closing Ceremony Sunday afternoon, August 11.
  • Top three finalists announced Sunday August 11. Winner will be announced NLT Monday August 19, 2019.
  • Each team will have up to 59 hours to make their film, depending on what time they check-in or register Thursday morning.
  • Teams that pre-register prior to Thursday morning may enjoy a few perks such as TBD and first choice of sizes of the 5 contest t-Shirts that are in each team packet.


  • The winning team gets 5 Human badges for DEFCON 28. (that’s worth around $1500)
  • An Adobe Premier Annual Subscription
  • Additional TBD prizes for the winning team and runners up.
  • Our contest is so awesome that winning is optional because, each team registration packet comes with enough fame, fortune, and filmmaking glory for each team member (instructions not included).
  • Pride in demonstrating the courage to step into the ring and accept a challenge. (Holding your head high and looking those who lacked the intestinal fortitude, to try, in the eye… optional.)


“All I’m saying is, when we split the check three ways the steak-eater picks the pocket of the salad-man.” – The Blue Raja, Mystery Men